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Keep It Safe racing game


Our new game: Keep It Safe 3DKeep It Safe 2
Keep It Safe is a game, where the players take control of a vehicle, racing through a hilly terrain, so that they can transport various cargo to the final destination (the market), keeping it safe. Their goal is to accumulate as much finances as they can to unlock the next vehicle or level, each different from the other. Race to the finish, but keep the cargo safe at the same time.
The game features:
-Physics based game, making it very fun-Currently 5 different vehicles: bike, pickup, 4x4 pickup, truck and a huge truck to transport the cargo.-A trailer can be attached to all the vehicles, once unlocked-Some upgrades (limited for now, more in future versions)-6 different levels (more to come soon)-There are two pedals, one for gas and one for braking / reverse.-Various cargo, each with different characteristics and physics-Custom drawn game graphics.
*This game is ad supported. Banner ads are located at the bottom of the menus, away from any interactive content.
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